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Welcome to Lighthouse Ministries!

Our calling,our story...

 In this world today, it seems more difficult than ever to network with true believers that want to serve and grow in the Lord more than anything else. We are not trying to take the place of your local church, but we want to build a network of believers that are completely sold out for Christ so we can grow and learn together! This ministry was created to help you find everything you need to grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord .  

 Building we bought for our ministry center!

 The Lord has led us to purchase a building (actually an old bar) in Winona, Minnesota. He gave us a vision to create a ministry center that includes a Christian coffee shop and restaurant, called AWAKENING along with a training center, several counseling offices, a prayer room and multi-purpose room for classes, concerts and small groups! We have finished a total renovation of the building, and with each step of faith, the hand of God was clearly seen!

  I encourage you to see how we transformed the building, click "HERE" to see and read about some of the amazing things that God did and is doing!  Also, please sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on our ministry center, upcoming events and consider supporting us financially and in prayer. We invite you to get involved in whatever way the Lord calls you. Check out our “About Us” page and our blogs to hear the incredibly amazing things the Lord is doing. We are nothing more than ordinary people living extraordinary lives experiencing the glory of God and we want to share our experiences and the Lords blessings with you!

 It is our calling to create a very personal atmosphere on this site that takes you from where ever you are at with your walk with the Lord, to a deep intimacy with our Creator!

 As we develop discipleship and training materials, as well as study programs, it is our goal to put together the very best resources available to help you grow in your KNOWING of who Christ is and help cause a true AWAKENING within your spirit.

 I would encourage you to check out our "about" page to find a lot more details of who we are (ordinary people living extraordinary lives), and we very much want to hear your stories and find out who YOU are.